Open House Perth
November 11 - 12 2017


Open House Perth Board

 Alison Roberston

Carly Barrett

David MacLennan

Emma Tearne

Grant Capriotti

Lisa Scaffidi

 Micheal Woodhams

 Peter Lee

Richard Kilbane

Rowan MacLean

 Stephen Corns

Veronica Jeffrey

and Open House Founder Victoria Thornton  


Open House Perth Team

Carly Barrett - Creative Director

Stephen Corns  - Director of Finance and Volunteers

Rebecca Warger - Event Manager + Communications

Muse Bureau - PR

Project857 - Event, Comms, Website and Graphics

Lauren Lenz - Event Support

Volunteer Coordinators - Chris Dywer, Kerry White, Emily Van Eyk, Rebecca Warger, Carly Barrett, Stephen Corns


+ the best volunteers ever!