Open House Perth
16 + 17 NOVEMBER 2019

Sarah May

Claremont by Mirvac_ Featuring - Sarah May

Curated by Mirvac, Open House Perth and project857

images courtesy of Sarah May


Perth based artist Sarah May works in the design industry, as a landscape architect and also has a small floral studio. Her occupation of working with nature influences her paintings, as she creates abstract landscapes stirred by her connection to land and memories.

Sarah describes her work as field studies, snippets of micro and macro landscapes. Hence, the scale of Sarah’s works become irrelevant and pieces look like fictional landscapes. They are characterized by her fascination in the edges between culture and nature through depicting marks and patterns within the landscape which are both natural and human made. Her methods of adding, then taking away paint creates depth, a sense of history and her own place within the landscape.

She uses blocks of colour, texture and patterns to create her pieces. She is committed to layering the paint until the complexity and stillness of the piece is balanced.

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Saturday 10th November: 10am - 3pm

Sunday 11th November: 10am - 3pm


Corner Graylands Road and Shenton Road, Claremont, 6010


Self Guided