Open House Perth
16 + 17 NOVEMBER 2019

Oxley House




Saturday 10th November: 10am - 5pm

Sunday 11th November: 10am - 5pm


17 Oxley Road, Darlington, 6070


Self Guided

Economy, simplicity and energy efficiency were the prime principles of the brief behind the Oxley House. Utilising a very modest budget of approximately $500k, the aim was to bring back the memories of the vernacular rural and industrial architecture that you can find in Europe, with high pitched roofs and barn style minimalistic looks, that opens to nature and captures surrounding views. 

The Oxley House was designed using SIPs modular panels and introducing some passive house concepts into the project. Keeping the structure light and airtight with double glazed windows and mechanical ventilation, the home is inspired by simple living that values both the natural and manmade, connecting them organically. A botanical theme throughout reinforces the connection with the natural bushland setting.  

Architecture: Studio Origami Photography: Jody Darcy