Open House Perth
NOVEMBER 10 & 11


106 - The Dwell Apartments

Image courtesy of Christian Sprogoe

OPENING TIMES: Saturday 11th November 10am-4pm


Sunday 12th November 10am-4pm


ADDRESS: 58 Kennedy Street, Maylands


The Dwell Apartments, developed by Klopper & Davis Architects, is an exemplar of the ‘missing middle’ housing.
This development shows how small-scale apartment groups allow for more landscaped addresses to the street, increased setback from the neighbours and better integration with the neighbourhood than the more typical 3 and 4 villa developments that populate R40 areas. The simple gesture of allowing a 3rd storey allows for much better urban integrations while creating a building form consistent with the urban context.
The 1060sqm residential block located near Beaufort Street urban village, makes the most of the under-used site, invigorating the local community and population.
Dwell Apartments consists of eight two-bedroom apartments and two single-bedroom apartments, focusing on big flexible living and having good access to natural light and breezes.


Klopper & Davis Architects


Rebecca Warger