Open House Perth
November 11 - 12 2017

Geyer Studio

Geyer Studio

                                                                                                                                                      Image courtesy of Dion Robeson


During Open House Perth come and experience daily practices of the Geyer studio, engaging designers in inspired discussions on design for our future environments. 

On offer, our most important daily ritual, coffee, essential to our creative culture. Refuel with a fresh brew from local artisan coffee roaster FiORi.

Our popular Camera Obscura installation is on offer again. In Geyer’s blacked-out boardroom, light is passed through a small window aperture striking internal surfaces, reproducing an external scene rotated 180 degrees.

The Geyer studio resides in the heritage Atlas Building, circa 1931. Constructed in Perth during the great depression, the grand massive form and pink glazed stone façade made an important contribution to the Esplanade streetscape.

Sunday 12th November- 1pm-5pm


The Old Cloisters Building, 200 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000