Open House Perth
November 11 - 12 2017


Open House Perth Comes to Freo

On October 1st between 11am-3pm we will throw open the doors to some incredible homes throughout this historical port city.

Why Freo?
Not only is Freo home to many of Australia's best heritage buildings; it is also home to a number of Australia's leading design studios such as Kerry Hill Architects and Spaceagency to name a few, as well as some of the most interesting young architects in town such as David Barr, Philip Stejskal, Jonathan Harris, Simon Pendal, Arcadia, Local Architecture, Ben Braham, MSG, and more...

Come join us for the day and celebrate the designs of leading local architects that are doing WA proud


545-resmulti_19douro_motus_trasko_01 (1).jpg

19 Douro

The architecture attempts to re-create the atmosphere of Fremantle in a contemporary way and draws inspiration from the raw warehouse style aesthetic that can be found throughout the precinct. 


heirloom_beach_st_c_greg_hocking_0 (1).jpg

Heirloom By Match

Heirloom by Match is the adaptive re-use of the Dalgety Wool Stores, a four-level brick and iron warehouse adjacent to Fremantle Port that has been re-purposed to house 183 one- and two- bedroom apartments and a café.



Samson House

Samson House was built for Sir Frederick’s father, Michael Samson, who was also Lord Mayor of Fremantle. The house, which is a well-known Fremantle landmark, was completed in 1888, and was designed by Sir Talbot Hobbs.



Bev's House

This design response for this Coogee beach house was to the detach the housing module from the row of townhouses and push it to the street boundary. 


Jackson Street

A restoration of an old timber semi detached cottage, with a modest rear addition, for two residences with a common wall. 



Thompson Road Office

The design intent was to use the traditional vernacular to create a morphing roofline, reflecting the pitched roofs, lean‐tos and overlaying aesthetic of historical Fremantle.



Harvey Residence

The owners of this 1920’s weatherboard house knew their renovations were going to face some limitations from the outset. 
Small budget, big heart and a weatherboard home with loads of charm – all you need for a dream renovation.



The design approach tells the evolutionary tale of the ‘child of Fremantle’, inheriting its parent DNA; a set of outstanding local, social, cultural, urban and infrastructural assets, and responding to the modern context reflective of today’s society and the need for more compact, affordable, high quality development.