Open House Perth
November 11 - 12 2017


80 - Edward Millen House

Image courtesy of Town of Victoria Park


OPENING TIMES: Sunday 12th November 1pm-5pm


ADDRESS: 999 Albany Highway, East Vic Park


The Edward Millen Site has long been a part of the Victoria Park identity. Built in 1911, the original Edward Millen House and its surrounds has a rich and colourful history providing health services for the Perth community (midwifery, repatriation of soldiers, psychiatric care, a centre for autistic children) and is now a State Heritage listed building.

In 2006, the Town of Victoria Park was gifted the Edward Millen Site from the State Government. The Town has since undertaken maintenance works and hosted a small number of community events on the site. The Town is now looking to find the right use for the site while also meeting the heritage requirements for its much needed restoration.

Guided (no booking required)

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