Open House Perth
November 11 - 12 2017

Casa Nostra

Casa Nostra

Image courtesy of Di Lanzo and partner

Image courtesy of Di Lanzo and partner


Casa Nostra is one of a townhouse pair, perched on the ridge in Joondanna.  The houses deliver large area on small sites. They combine openness with privacy, provide planning flexibility, and balance the grand and the intimate.


An efficient centralised plan links a variety of lofty rooms, with aspects to courtyards and to views out over the plain.  Vast panels of glazing provide a pavilion setting, and flood the rooms with natural light.  Subtle drama is added by a rich materials palette ofsheer bronze-framing to the grey glass, golden filigree balcony panels, terrazzo, stone, steel, with jarrah for flooring, stairs and cladding.  The jarrah is repurposed framing, from the site's previous cottage.

Careful distribution of glazing shading and of wall insulation has produced a low energy use for lighting, heating and cooling.  The two floors of living area are sandwiched between an expansive basement below, and an inset poopdeck on top.

Saturday 12th November - 2pm - 5pm

Sunday 13th November - 2pm - 5pm

66 Baden Street, Joondanna

Self-guided (no booking required)


Di Lanzo and Partner