Open House Perth
NOVEMBER 10 & 11



It all started back in 1992...

Open House was founded by a number of Architects in the UK who were trying to promote the value of good design.  What started with a small architectural event is now a world-wide phenomenon that includes over 30 cities.

Open House Perth began in 2011.  As an organisation we knew Perth wanted better design and the chance to show off some of Western Australia's (WA) best buildings!  Whether it is a home, office, tower, church or religious space we have been there opening the doors to some of the most exciting designs around; and some of our best historical sites too.

Open House Perth has been privileged to welcome over 350,000 visitors to Open House destinations since our first event in 2012.  

We have just had a little make-over to celebrate our next chapter, but if you are keen to revisit or get to know more about our journey we welcome you to look at our back catalogue of event guides and event reports.

We would like to thank WA for amazing support over the last 5 years and hope you will join us as we continue to celebrate our city.

Open House Perth

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