60 - Public Transport Centre

60 - Public Transport Centre

Public Transport Centre
Image: Carly Barrett

Built over the former East Perth Locomotive Depot, the Public Transport Centre, is one of Perth’s best examples of Brutalist style architecture.

Its four different facades are a response to the types of natural light that are particular to Perth.  The large windows that face south allow natural light in, while the north facade was built in a manner that allows very little penetration of the bright sunlight/heat. The east and west facades have static louvers, which allow for views but limit the bright light during sunrise and sunset hours respectively.

The interstate terminal is the terminus for the Indian Pacific service from Sydney, linking the east and west coasts of Australia.   The Indian Pacific is one of the few truly transcontinental trains in the world and began running in 1970.  The route includes the world’s longest stretch of railway track stretching more than 470 kilometres over the Nullarbor Plain.  

In the 1960s Perth was expanding at a rapid rate as a result of a resources boom and the built environment was trying to keep up with the demands created. Originating in Europe, the Brutalist style was perceived as a symbol of modernity and progress.  The building’s exterior is intact, while the interior has undergone subsequent renovations to keep up with the times.  

The Public Transport Centre, currently home to the Public Transport Authority, is an iconic building that dramatically impacts the Perth skyline from the east. While the building’s workings are mysterious in nature its dynamic form both polarises and engages viewers.
Access to the building includes a visit to the viewing balcony on the sixth floor where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Perth that speak to the history and evolution of the surrounding area.

This building is one of the best examples of large scale public architecture in WA as well as one of the best examples of Brutalist architecture in Western Australia.

Public Transport Center, West Parade, East Perth - at East Perth train station (Midland line)

Nov 2 & 3
Saturday - 10am-5pm
Sunday - 10am-5pm


Opened in 1976  

Forbes and Fitzhardinge


Buses 41, 42, 48, 55

East Perth Train Station (Midland Line)

Accessible Wheelchair
Accessible Pram
Photos Allowed
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