50 - Florence Street

50 - Florence Street

Florence Street
Image: Olivia Reeves

The Florence Street House represents a great example of urban infill housing.  This project makes the most of a small site using traditional materials subversively and enhancing its environment with a combination of elegant form and quirky details.

The house was designed for a young urban couple with a small family, who approached Sam Klopper and Matt Davis of Klopper and Davis Architects to help select a site to build an inner-city home. The site abuts a heritage semi-detached, with its long side facing the northern aspect.  This offers the best opportunity to maintain access to natural light.  By maximising the northern aspect a passive sustainable design methodology is adopted, which can increase the sustainable efficiency of a building.
The design is a marriage of functional elements with tongue-in-cheek playfulness. The planning of the building relies on an uncomplicated yet efficient design. The materials selected for the building are honest and expressed genuinely. The spaces address the light and the outdoor areas and each of the four bedrooms has its own unique urban aspect. A long lap-pool inhabits the space between the house and its neighbor, reflecting soft light into the home whilst creating a sense of separation.
A recurring theme for the building and for which the Florence Street House has become somewhat known is the inclusion of the Space Invader iconography from the 1980’s computer game. The architects liked the idea of connecting the element of the brick to the pixel of computer design and explored this simplistically in the exterior of the building. The clients are children of the eighties and enjoy the reference.

An inner city dwelling to accommodate a young family.

4 Florence St, West Perth - across from the West End Deli

Nov 3
Sunday - 10am - 5pm


Completed 2013

Klopper and Davis Architects

Buses: 402, 403, 404

Accessible Wheelchair
Accessible Pram
Environmentally Sustainable Design